Pines’ Nut Butter

Now a proud Summit County local business. The dream was inspired in 2020 upon a visit to see my family in Minnesota. The first jar of Pines Peanut Butter was gifted to me on Christmas morning by a special person. It didn’t taste that great but I didn’t care. It was everything I needed to get started.

While living in Colorado as a school teacher I decided to bring my ideas and ambitions to my principal, and 5th-grade team. They thought I was nuts but nonetheless, they supported me. The first jar was made on January 26th of 2020. I quickly found that I liked making nut butter, but even more so I loved giving it to others. The first 1,000 or so jars were made all with handwritten labels. It has been a roller coaster ride journey to get where I am but I think that’s the beauty of life.

To all the family(s), friends, students, beautiful communities, and complete strangers that have supported my dream to spread peace, love, and nut butter… Thank you, I see you, I love you, and I wouldn’t be here without you.

Sam Pines