Dang Sweets

About Angela and Tim

A love story

Angela and Tim met in Vail, Colorado many years ago in a restaurant.  Angela is a talented baker who was mainly self taught and moved to Vail from Chisinau, Moldova.  Tim is a trained chef from Upstate, NY with a passion for food leading to a desire to travel the country and landing in the mountains.  Together we are huge into food and especially desserts.  We often spend our free time either outdoors or traveling and eating.  We came up with the idea for opening a bakery when during the pandemic when Angela was home from work and started to bake a lot.  Like a lot a lot.  Instead of returning to her job in the restaurant industry she is taking on the world leading Dang Sweets as its head baker.  Being from Europe you will not find our desserts overly sweet and sugary but rather well balanced and eye appealing.