House Americana

House Americana was started by a Mother + Daughter duo with a passion and a dream to make a living doing what we love– creating! Being gardeners, plant lovers and entrepreneurs, we decided to build House Americana to be a place where other like minded plant enthusiasts could find really unique and beautifully hand crafter planters to compliment their unique & well loved plant babies. We create unique planters that double as art pieces with the intention to add a bit more love & joy to our communities indoor oasis’s.

Being artists, we knew we wanted to create each piece by hand- to order- right here in Westminster, CO so that we are able to (1) keep as much revenue rotating within our state as possible and (2) provide custom products specific our community’s desired aesthetic.

Our planters are made only with elements from the earth (cement, water, sand, natural pigments and fibers). The inside of our planters are sealed with an eco-friendly, non-toxic, plant based sealer for the safety of the plants that are housed in them.

It’s our wonderful customers like you that give our greatest passion a voice & we are so grateful for your support in our local + small business!