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The 2023 Vail Farmers’ Market & Art Show was a huge success. We estimate 250,000 plus folks visited the Market. We had 151 tents. 

We know of no other market that comes close to the experience the Vail Farmers’ Market & Art Show provides. 

2024 Vail Farmers Market is Full

The 2024 Market will run every Sunday from Fathers’ Day (June 16th) through October 6th. Hours of operation are 9:30 am to 3:30 pm. 17  Markets total.

We keep our focus on farm & food products while we also promote our Colorado artist/artisan presence. We’ve found that our artistic dimension that has created in Colorado items has helped make the Market attractive to a larger audience of visitors.
Below is a application for the 2024 Market.

The market fees are as follows:
1. $1239 plus security deposit for the full season for a 10X10 space. Application must be in by September 6, then price will go up to $1375. Applications will be accepted and we will have our first jurying beginning of November.
2. A second tent is $895
3. We will not have a third tent available for vendors this year. (Only Farms have an option for this) Fee for Third tent is $800.
4. The 2024  tent fee deposit is $800 per tent space requested. The $20 jury fee is due with your application. We will invoice you for this. This tent space deposit counts towards your market fee and will reduce the amount you owe April 1, when the rest of your tent fee is due. Once you have been accepted into the market we will send you an invoice for full amount and only $800 needs to be paid by January 7, 2024.
5. The non refundable  deposit is $150 per vendor, and it does not count towards your tent fee. The purpose of the “security” deposit is to encourage smooth market operations. Fines will be assessed for not attending and for not following market rules and will be deducted from your “security” deposit. The $150 “non refundable security” deposit must also be included with your application.
6. The Town of Vail requires vendors who do not have a Vail Business License to purchase a $75 Special Event Sales Tax License, which is good for the full market season. This is an online application and link will be sent to you in April.
An application will be sent to you in the spring, if you are not a Town of Vail business.

The Sales Tax is due every month. The sales tax will be collected through the Town of Vail Sales tax site. We ask that you have your tax to the town by the 10th of each month. If you are a day late, you will not be allowed to come to the market and will be fined. We thank you for working with us to make sure they are received on time.

Summary :

The amount due for new vendors who have not paid a security deposit is $970. Vendors, who have paid their security deposit and not had any fines, please pay $820 with your application, which includes your $20 jury fee.  The Market will fill up early in 2024.   Therefore, if you’re interested in participating, you may want to get your application in very quickly. The market will be juried by a blind jury of five business owners, so please have five pictures sent with your application. We are asking for everyone to send a picture of your tent space and detail every item you are planning on selling in your booth.
If accepted, your remaining tent fee will be due by April 1, 2024. You will receive a reminder in March. All you need to send now is your
1 A completed application with a signed copy of the rules,
2. a $970 deposit for each tent space that you want to reserve, (which includes the jury fee & deposit)

All Vendors applying to the market will be juried.
1. Applicants will need to send 4-5 photos of their artwork/craft/tent in with their application. We  accept extremely limited jewelry, clothing or accessories for the Vail Farmers’ Market. (Unless you own a Town of Vail Business and you still need to submit your application and be juried with all vendors)
Please submit a booth display image. Include pictures of your booth equipment and display showing how you will present your products at the market
2. The deadline for applications is October 15th, 2023 email date. We are currently full for 2024.  We ask if you are interested, to fill out the application and we can possibly put you on our standby list for summer. We are not able to guarantee you will be able to be at market,  but there maybe an opportunity.
3. The non-refundable processing fee is $20.00. All invoices will be sent out prior to jurying for fee and then if accepted, remaining invoice will be sent.
A blind jury will judge the applications for the market. Any applications without photos of work/booth will not be juried. You will be notified after jurying is done end of November.