COVID-19 Updates


Due to the current state of the country with many of us under “stay at home” directives, we have reached out to all of our vendors and asked who was up and running their businesses from home, what new creative items they have made, and if they are able to ship!  Check out our vendors below.



Vail Farmers’ Market COVID-19 protocols for when the market opens:


Social Distancing: All vendors and visitors to the market must maintain a social distance of at least 6 feet between one another when possible.  Vendors, please stay behind your tables, do not touch credit cards, and clean styluses after every use.  Please bring your own sanitizing equipment; the market will have a limited supply if needed.   Facial masks are highly recommended.

Hand Washing: Please wash your hands frequently.  The market will have handwashing stations with soap, tissues, and hand sanitizer.

Limit Items Touched:  Gloves are highly recommended.  For your safety and the safety of others, if you touch an item, plan on purchasing it.  

Pets: While we love pets, this year we highly recommend you keep your dogs at home.  Please avoid petting and touching other people’s dogs. 

If you are sick: Please stay home!!!  We will work on providing delivery to those who cannot attend the market.


Thank you for your understanding!  We will update you as protocols change, depending on governmental rules, local regulations, and the safety of the general public.



While we are all doing our part to keep everyone safe by staying home, come shop at our virtual Farmers’ Market online, coming soon.



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