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Brewing Cacao
250 G (1/2 pound)

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Brewing cacao for many is better than coffee. We didn’t invent this, that was the Inca, but we refined it. Cacao beans have been roasted and ground. You simply put in a french press, like you would coffee, and add boiling water, patience and a press. Cacao contains theobromine, a natural stimulant which wakes you up without the jitters and the drop off at the end. Add magnesium, potassium, antioxidants, and the feel good properties inherent to cacao and you have the perfect drink. Enjoy hot or iced, sweetened and milky or dark, or get crazy and make it bulletproof. This is not hot chocolate (unless you add enough cream and sugar). Pure bliss and enlightenment.

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Grown on the beaches of Fiji.  Hand crafted for your pleasure and enlightenment in the mountains of Colorado.

Our story begins in the lush tropical rainforests of Fiji.  Bolea grows all ingredients, in cooperation with local villages, using organic and sustainable farming techniques.  Raw cacao, cane sugar, Kava, and vanilla are brought to the USA where we use historical and original chocolate making techniques to create clean, organic, chemical-free, chocolate and confections.  We take no short cuts and hold each step in the process to the highest quality.  The earth provides us with a unique flavor profile combined with our proprietary roast and “old-school” process we create a smooth, non-acidic chocolate delight.  Most of our bars are vegan, and all bars are gluten free and soy free with high cocoa content.

Bolea was created literally from the ground up by the vision of Lindsey & Daniel Slachta.  Lindsey’s grandmother was a chocolatier by trade and instilled a deep love of the art of chocolate and all of its magic.  While learning how to make her grandmother’s recipes, she became fascinated with the story of where chocolate came from and that started a journey that as been life altering for the Slachta’s.  Daniel, hailing from the Czech Republic has always had a penchant for skiing, adventure and European chocolate.  They make their home in Aspen, Colorado and both envision living in a world free of slavery and trafficking, where no enjoyment of a sweet treat is at the expense of a child.  When not tasting chocolate or knee deep in the mud of Fiji, you will find them on the mountain or searching out new adventures.

BOLEA is a Fijian word that translates to “challenge me” or “I can do hard things.”  It is typically used as a war call commanding respect on the battlefield.  Bolea Chocolate is our war call to the world demanding that the practice of child trafficking that infests 70% of the world’s harvest of cocoa be stopped.  There is a better way and we intend to be a part of the war to end modern slavery.



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