Harriet’s Little Soap co , LLC

This is a handcrafted soap made with simple, organic ingredients that are good for your skin and Mother Earth. We make small batches to ensure quality and freshness of product.

Ingredients in our soap include skin-loving organics such as olive, coconut, hemp and Castor oils; moisturizing shea butter and Colorado goat milk from a local dairy. For exfoliation, we add ground organic herbs, teas, coffee or oats to some soap.

This handcrafted goat milk organic soap contains glycerin, a natural occurring ingredient that also adds moisture to the skin. It can retain more moisture than other soaps. Organic oils and butters “super-fat” or super-enrich the soap. They are suspended in the soap and, when applied directly to the skin while bathing, provide even more moisture for the skin.

To add an artistic flare we have used a natural soap colorant to create swirls; as you browse the soap page you will see the colorful swirled soap. To help reduce waste and be more environmentally friendly, we use seed paper to wrap some of the goat milk organic soap. This paper can be planted and produces different types of flowers.