Carrie Miller Textiles

Wild Child

Growing up on a farm, Carrie was constantly exposed to new life, death and whatever could be accomplished in between.  Her time was split between adventures in horseback riding, backwoods archaeology, and whole days hunkered down behind her sewing machine.  The rhythm of this lifestyle is the source of Carrie’s enthusiasm for the challenge to find and make tools, learn new techniques and manifest a plan.

Natural Dyes

Carrie is passionate about using materials and processes that keep our world beautiful. Inspired by her Dad who was an organic farmer long before it was cool, Carrie has fallen in love with the possibilities of plant-based natural dyes. Through careful study and experimentation, Carrie has developed a rich color palette. Her mission is to elevate artisan textile practices by pairing them with high-end, luxury materials.

Textile Obsession

Carrie has been working with textiles since she was a little girl. Her first memory of sewing, was an elaborate Christmas stocking kit her Mom got for her. The two of them worked together to finish the stocking. Now, over 20 years later, that stocking still hangs on the mantle during the holidays. By the time she was a teenager, Carrie was making her own clothes and apprenticing at an alterations shop. After high school, she worked with many artisan mentors as she travelled the US. When she made her way to college, Carrie studied art and design throughout her undergraduate and graduate degrees.