Pluots and apriplums and plumcots… oh my!

As it turns out, plums and apricots make great babies! You may have seen some varieties at the grocery store, and soon, you will be able to find them at the Ripe stand at the Vail Farmers’ Market! These plum/apricot hybrids are especially sweet, and they are available in a wide range of varieties. They range from about 60-70% plum and 30-40% apricot, so they look mostly like plums, but in a variety of colors!

Pluots, the most common of the plum/apricot hybrids, are a great ingredient for many recipes, like a cold, summer fruit salad. They can also be used in ice cream or yogurt, in a sauce over waffles or pancakes, in smoothies, and in adult drinks! In fact, Rachel Ray loves cooking with pluots! She has several different delicious pluot recipes that range from simple to involved, including this delicious pluot caprese salad!

Contrary to common belief, plum/apricot hybrids are not genetically engineered. They were originally developed through several generations of cross-pollinization in the late 1980s. Their growing season ranges from May-September across the country, although in Colorado they are tastiest in August! Catch these juicy, honey-sweet hybrids in all of their colorful hues at the Vail Farmers’ Market while they’re in season!

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