Winter Park Honey

We received a beehive as a gift from relatives many years ago. When the hive was first delivered, we were busy with work, foster children, and pets. The hive did not get much attention until we were overwhelmed with curiosity.

Not being huge fans of honey, we weren’t that excited about the hive until we tasted the nectar of our bees. It was delicious and completely different tasting from the honey we were accustomed to eating. Our neighbors and friends found out about our delicious honey and we supplied everyone we knew with honey for many years.

As our apiary grew, the empty jars from neighbors kept coming. To recoup some of our expenses we sold honey at farmer’s markets and became known as Winter Park Honey. Today, we sell honey all over the world, but we still have the same operation that we used back then.

Our engineering background has helped us understand honey and how it should be handled to maintain the highest possible quality. We consistently win first place in honey taste contests!

During the summers in Winter Park, Colorado and our winters in Winter Park, Colorado and our winters in Winter Park, Florida. Our honey is not sold in stores, but can be purchased Online or at our farmers’ market locations.

Winter Park Honey is a family owned honey company dedicated to helping bees create the finest honey possible. All of the honey from Winter Park Honey is raw, unheated, unfiltered and unprocessed. Our honey comes straight from the comb to the bottle. We do everything by hand and do not use and mechanical bottling devices that would require heat. Therefore, it’s a slow process, but we are determined to maintain our quality without concerning ourselves with profit.